De Zalmhaven

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De Zalmhaven 

Client: Avenue Concordia

Year: 2017 – 2021

Branding, graphic design, pattern


De Zalmhaven is a development of De Zalmhaven CV, built by BAM, and designed by Dam & Partners Architecten and KAAN Architecten.

Meet de Zalmhaven: A new icon on the Rotterdam horizon.
Located in the historic Scheepvaartkwartier, de Zalmhaven is a new residential building complex and a signature on the city skyline of Rotterdam. De Zalmhaven stands as the tallest building in the Benelux as a 215-meter skyscraper. Gloriously tall, De Zalmhaven prominently towers over the Maas river and the Euromastpark, meeting the Erasmusbrug eye to eye.
Together with GEM Creative Agency, we created the brand identity, sales campaign and website design of De Zalmhaven, and will create more marketing and sales expressions in the future to strengthen De Zalmhaven brand world, where the residents’ excellent quality of life is the main priority.