W. Green

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W. Green 

Client: W. Green

Year: 2018 – 19

Branding, Visual identity, webdesign


W.Green is an Amsterdam-based branding & communication agency known for its strong ethical values and holistic way of working.
Wanting to ‘improve the world’ and being in ‘the fashion industry’: there seems to be no bigger clash. For the founder of W.Green, Willa, it isn’t so: her extensive expertise in the fashion industry has given her an appetite for change.
To us, the task was clear: we needed to translate the vision of W.Green into an easily understandable identity. W.Green stands for something, and in order to inspire others we needed to communicate clearly, be outspoken and positive. A basic foundation with a strong vision sent out through bold graphics and smart copy.
We started with refreshing the brand identity by tossing everything with the cliché image ‘green’ out of the window and replacing it with a strong and clear visual language. No soft tactile green tones; no leaves or overused nature influences. W.Green breathes sustainability, yet we use bright colours to make our statement.