Vele Vreemde Vormen

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Vele Vreemde Vormen – Tom Hofland

Client: Uitgeverij Querido

Year: 2019

graphic design, illustration, print 



Cover design for Tom Hofland’s new novel  ‘Vele Vreemde Vormen’

Tom Hofland (1990) lives in Rotterdam and is a writer and maker at the VPRO. After his debut novel Lyssa (2017), De Volkskrant proclaimed him thé literary talent of 2018. In the same year, his short story “Snoesje” was awarded a C.C.S. Crone stipendium. Other stories and articles appeared in De Volkskrant and De Gids, among others. Together with Pascal van Hulst he made the podcast De Blankenberge Tapes, one of the best-listened podcasts this year.