Sunny’s breakfast bar

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Sunny’s Nature Bar

Client: Zonnatura, Bedrock

Year: 2018

Branding, illustration

In collaboration with Nina Pierson, Nicole Huisman & Studio Oh-Yes
Photography by Iris Duvekot

You’re the muesli in my bowl!
Sunny’s is an all-day breakfast pop-up bar in de Pijp, Amsterdam. With 100% organic and nutritious muesli bowls without unnecessary additions, the bar is an ode to breakfast and to the sun. As a thank you, they donate 100% of the profit to the tree plant project Partners Pays-Dogon.
A pop-up smoothie bowl bar requires a contemporary and refreshing style, without losing the natural feeling of Zonnatura. The identity is modern, smart and colourful, with a graphical translation of the smoothie bowls into a logo and fruity icons supporting the fresh tone of voice.
“Smoothies are as good as cocktails, but healthy, and people don’t judge you for having two in the morning and three in the afternoon.”