Pup Creative Agency

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Client: PUP Creative Agency 

Branding, digital, graphic design

Year: 2016


Not your ordinary agency
PUP is an all-round creative agency operating in the fields of events, branding, web production, advertising campaigns and everything in between.
In 2016, PUP asked us to develop their new brand identity.

Our approach: by looking at PUP from an outsider perspective, we were in a perfect position to spot flaws in their communication.
We believe that for such a complex company it’s important to communicate as clearly as possible. This way clients have a distinct overview of all the agency’s operating fields.
The identity we created for PUP is clear and simple with a touch of creative playfulness. As an agency, PUP is always showcasing their artist’s work. By adding the PUP logo to the works and placing the letters to fit the image, we made the logo part of the whole instead of ‘stamping’ it on there.

In the spirit of PUP, an agency celebrating creativity and diversity, we came up with the tagline ‘Not your ordinary agency’.