Oedipus Brewing – Slomo

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Slomo beer etiquette

Client: Oedipus Brewing

Year: 2018 & 2015


Slomo is close to being the embodiment of ‘YOLO’.
The Session Saison is produced to encourage everyone to enjoy the little things in life. Slomo is a light, blond beer with delicate aromas brewed by Oedipus Brewing. This particular beer has a very inspiring and intriguing story: it tells aboutDr. John Kitchin, who quit a medical career to pursue his passion. He is the cult hero that inspired us and Oedipus for this summer breeze beer — skating in slow motion along the boardwalk of San Diego’s Pacific Beach, calling it “Slomo.”
Inspired by this dynamic person full of youthful idealism transcending the trappings of the material world, we created the artwork for the beer etiquette of Slomo.