Nicole Huisman

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Nicole Huisman – visual identity

Year: 2017

branding, graphic design, print, digital

Photo credits thumbnail: Dennis Swiatkowski


A love letter for Nicole
Nicole Huisman is one of the hottest and most successful stylists of her generation. After years of working for ELLE Magazine, she decided to start her own business as a freelance stylist. She now works for big players like Glamour L’officiel, Vogue, and H&M. Nicole has made quite a name for herself.
Nicole approached us in 2017 to develop a new identity and website. We thought two main factors to be most important:
  1. In 2017, a website that only showcased your portfolio was already outdated. In the current Instagram era, personality is just as important as your work. Therefore, the site should have an interactive element and an integrated Instagram feed where Nicole’s followers can keep in touch and stay updated with her latest collaborations and personal favourites.
  2. Since Nicole is a stylist herself, the brand identity can’t ‘overrule’ her work. That means, no big flashy letters over photographs, no wild patterns, and no illustrations as that would only distract from what’s most important: her work.
Keeping this in mind, we designed a typography based on Nicole’s style and character. We called it ‘Loveletter Roman.’ The letters are girly, fashionable, and young. A touch of nostalgia with a modern, slightly romantic twist. Letters that speak for Nicole and her work.