Groos Rotterdam

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Visual identity / Rebranding

Client: Groos Rotterdam

Year: 2017

Showroom, gallery or shop? Groos has emerged as a progressive platform for designers and consumers. Where the ‘old’ Groos carefully started to show what Rotterdam had to offer, the “new” Groos is an all-round curator on the city’s most outstanding products.
Execution: We developed a new visual identity covering all aspects of Groos; re-inventing retail for the modern zeitgeist. We visualized Groos’ transformation: from underground shop to an inner-city icon. Our initial objective was to frame Groos’ philosophy in the most simple and accessible way. Combining two worlds:
— The established elite — Design, high end, department store.
— The innovatives — Creative, innovative, leading artists.
We created a powerful identity that appeals to these two audiences in their own recognizable language. By defining the right tone of voice that matches the spirit of Rotterdam, we created an identity that feels as dynamic as a walk through the city.
Maintaining recognisable graphic design and creating a characteristic signature was important, yet we had to be careful not to compete with the aesthetics of the designers in the store. We kept it as low-key as high-end can be.