Fashionology (FG) is an independent, female-owned jewelry brand, based in Rotterdam. Since 2009, Fashionology has been famous for combining modern classics with minimalist basics. It strips away all unnecessary fuss and goes back to the core of what we find beautiful. The collaboration between FG and The Phoney Club was a match made in heaven. Re-introducing Fashionology into the market, we were thinking beyond a pretty logo. We developed an identity that delivers, thinks, talks, and listens.

Campaign photography: Justine Leenarts
Display design + still life photography: Encrite Creative Studio



Fashionology isn’t just a brand: it’s a philosophy, a study on beauty. And so is its visual identity: Strong, spirited, and individualistic, inspired by minimalistic classics with a contemporary feel. It is independent and lets the products speak for themselves.

Fashionology stands for conscious, modern, and aesthetic pieces that are built to last.
It encourages you to own your spirit: modern, smart, and lasting.