Designer Vintage

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Client: Hearst Media

Year: 2016

Branding, graphic design, webdesign 


Pre-owned with Love!
Designer Vintage is a leading luxury marketplace to buy and sell 100% authentic vintage designer clothes, shoes, bags, and more.  DV asked us to develop their visual identity and web store with a big focus on commercial use. It is a web store, after all.
Keeping this in mind, we set out to create a highly commercial marketplace ‘in a lifestyle shell.’ Call-to-actions are seen on all sides and a lot of information has to be displayed on the website. At the same time, the site has to stay fashionable, be a visual feast and send out a sense of calmness.
This is why we split the desktop version into two parts: we sliced the website in perfectly harmonious halves and built in a double scroll to make room for all the necessary information. Now you have a web store with the latest offers on the left, while showing you news bulletins on the right that tempt you to sign up and become a premium member.
Trust is everything when it comes to web stores. Customers have to feel safe and secure while browsing, buying and selling. That’s why we gave the website an ‘established’ feel and a solid logo. Trust was also a key element in the creation of the tagline. DV is a place for real fashion lovers that handle their goods with care: pre-owned with love!