De Amsterdammers

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Maarten van der Kamp – De Amsterdammers

Client: Das Mag Publishers, TopNotch

Graphic design, print

Year: 2017

This book reveals the staggering diversity of the city: the tourists, the fast food, the cats slipping past the crowd. Each photo contains wonderful details that only become apparent when you take a closer look.
The realness of the analogue black and white photos were the main inspiration for the design of the book. There lies a certain brutality and straightforwardness; no extra additions or touch-ups. So does the translation of this in the layout. The typography (Druk Wide) and the choice to use 3 bright colours on the cover strengthen the raw and sometimes intense realness of the images.
Photographer Maarten van der Kamp (1981) is one of the last bohemians of our time. He spends eight hours a day walking the streets. Using his analogue Leica, he paints a picture of contemporary Amsterdam that is as sordid as it is idyllic.