Das Mag Festival ’17

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Das Mag Festival 2017

Client: Das Mag Uitgevers

Year: 2017

Graphic design, print, digital, illustration


From 2013 onwards, Das Mag festival is the world’s biggest one-off book club. Each year there are more than 25 book clubs on one night, spread over different locations in Amsterdam. For the first time this year the festival also offers a very special 24h with Arnon Grunberg in De School and goes ‘on tour’, covering different locations outside Amsterdam. We developed the visual identity for Das Mag festival’s 5th edition.
Das Mag festival is known for its strong graphic identity, a smart tone of voice, and diversity. We used the recognisable ‘open book’ logo as a starting point, stripping it down to its essence, and spreading it around in a cheery, confetti-like way, while also capturing the festive feeling as the subject of the festival.