BUS Unlimited Solutions

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Bus & Las Fritas

Client: BUS Unlimited Solutions

Year: 2019

Branding, typography, graphic design


This food company serves up stories.
Inspired by summer, parties and all-round good vibes, BUS’ brand identity reflects the playful nature of the brand. A simple graphic smile set the upbeat, positive tone, alongside a collection of graphic patterns and a colour blocking palette.
At BUS, they know that a successful event is a feast for the senses. In addition to good food and drinks, the focus at BUS lies in the complete experience. We created a brand identity full of personality, flexibility and a hint of D.I.Y. while breathing sunshine and light colours because this really is the place you want to be.
“At BUS Unlimited Solutions, we don’t only serve food, we serve a mood: a lifestyle, a vision, freedom, fun & sun.”