Roffa Mon Amour ’19

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Roffa Mon Amour Filmfestival 2019

Client: Roffa Mon Amour

Year: 2019

Branding, typography, graphic design

Roffa Mon Amour has in recent years manifested itself as an intelligent, cultural and experimental film festival that distinguishes itself in its creative and daring films. As far as the visual picture and the decoration of the festival is concerned, Roffa mon Amour is playful and romantic and has an analogous nostalgic and tactile appearance.

In the previous year, we developed the recognizable Roffa Mon Amour typeface, based on Gill Sans. And this year we thought it was time to spice things up a little. Still cult, but we added a little glam.

The typeface combined with the gradient colors forms thé recognizable element in the 2019 RMA campaign. We work with typography that contains the total visual identity; surprising and most of all ultra-recognizable. The combination of film images, color, and typo form the basis of the identity. Quirky, playful and romantic, just like Roffa Mon Amour.

Roffa Mon Amour was brought to life to celebrate and enjoy the work of creative and noble makers that dare to challenge their audience to open their mind.