De Zalmhaven, coffee table book

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De Zalmhaven 

Client: Avenue Concordia

Year: 2017 – 2021


De Zalmhaven is a development of De Zalmhaven CV, built by BAM, and designed by Dam & Partners Architecten and KAAN Architecten.

De Zalmhaven, the book, offers an exclusive look at one of Rotterdam’s most impressive housing projects. With its 215-metre tall skyscraper, two medium-sized residential towers and spacious street-level townhouses, De Zalmhaven is as versatile as the city it stands in and appeals to citizens from all over the world.

We were tasked with creating a book expressing everything De Zalmhaven embodies: luxurious and modern living that feels inviting and comforting.

The outcome is a a 200 page coffee table book that makes you feel what it’s like to live in De Zalmhaven.

The book is linen bound with a luxurious golden imprinted bracts.