Club Gem

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Client: Gem Creative Agency

Year: 2016

Branding, graphic design, print

Cultivate the clash
Club Gem is an event platform for art, entertainment, a restaurant, and bar hosted by Gem Creative Agency.
For the launch of Club Gem in March 2016 we were asked to create their visual identity. This kick off was a month-long collaboration and exposition from De Kunstuitleen in a temporary space in the centre of Rotterdam opening with the multidisciplinary festival KITS.

A distinct program asked for a distinct approach. Rather than aiming perfection we used Fugue and a bold colour palette to underline the diversity and pop up character of the event. Colourful and playful, just like the club’s activities.

A cultural stage in Rotterdam where the presentation of different disciplines and genres gives a unique experience to the public and brings different target groups together in an accessible way.

By integrating the gemstone into the logo it became a recognizable extension for Gem Creative Agency and can be used for multiple purposes.