*~* The Phoney Club – keepin’ it real *~*
The Phoney Club is Sanne de Wild & Anne Lint.
A design studio fascinated by the new and the now; inspired by the spirit of time. Operating in the field of graphic design, visual identity, illustration and branding. Their work is based on the sparkling realities of our generation. 80’s graphics and 90’s aesthetics mixed with an everlasting love for fashion. Phoney for real; I see it when I believe it.

Clients: Glamcult, Rituals Cosmetics, Glamour Magazine, Philips, Gstar Raw, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Dekmantel, ING Private banking, Morgan & Mees, Museumjaarkaart, Nacional, PUP Creative Agency, Oedipus, AUrate New York, Supertrash

True Phoney Love, ~S&A~

t: A: +31640424611 or S: +31646730307